5 things you must try in Catania

We all love Italian food, and I bet everyone who visits Italy has this uncontrollable urge to eat everything they see. In Sicily that desire to eat was huge, and I wish to go back again and just spend my time in restaurants. 

To help you with selection we have made a small list of dishes, desserts, snacks and drinks you have to try when in Sicily.

Granita and brioche

Mmm I get chills just thinking of this combo. Granita is a sort of ice cream or more accurate slushy (water, sugar and fruit) that comes in different flavours but the most traditional ones are: lemona, pistachio and almonds. Be careful when you combine them if you don’t want to be schooled by the seller as I did. As i was told “It is not allowed to mix lemon with almond, I can have lemon with strawberry or almond with pistachio” so I decided on the second option.


Seltz at kiosks

Around Catania you will see old kiosks with beautifully stained glass and a lot of newer modern ones. There you can have a noon break as a true local and refresh yourself with a quick drink of your choice. But what locals love and what we recommend is Seltz. the drink that will bring you back from the dead, refresh you in just a sip and give you strength to continue your walks around the city. It is a simple yet the most powerful drink ever. A bit of lemon, salt and soda water. You can order it as “sciampagnino” (citrus with water and soda water) or “completo” (orzata, fresh lemon juice, anise and soda water).


Fish market

Just at the bottom of Piazza del Duomo you will find famous Catania’s fish market, Pescheria di Catania. It is an attack on all your senses, true Italian experience for the foreigners. I bet locals hate to see us walking around, taking photos and listening. But try to be respectful and treat yourself with some fresh oysters. All in all, I enjoyed the fish here, so many kinds and everything is fresh and delicious. 


Arancini – rice balls

I loved this meal. It was so tasty, with a perfect ratio of rice, meat, and vegetables. It is a great quick snack to have while walking and it comes with so many different fillings so it is suitable for everyone. If you love rice you will enjoy this meal.



I am not a sweet tooth, but maaan Sicilians know how to make sweets. It is just so hard to choose what to eat, from different cannolis, marzipan cakes, amazing ricotta, fresh lemons and pistachios. I mean just impossible to resist, and everything tastes incredible. 


More recommendations

Ok it was hard to make a list of fives but we have 3 more things to recommend:


We love beer and in Catania (and probably around Sicily) the selection is great. During lunch time we loved taking a break at popular kiosks and enjoying the cold: Ichnusa or Messina beer. We recommend visiting the “Barn Aut” bar in the center of Catania for a unique experience and cold Ichnusa beer.



OK I don’t drink Fanta, I would rather drink Coca Cola, but you MUST try Sicilian Fanta. It is made with the Sicilian oranges and tastes nothing like this crap Fantas we have in rest of Europe.


It was so obvious to be on the list, like you are in Italy of course you will eat pizza and pasta three times a day. But pizza here is good, I just have to give it credit and put it on the list. We had the most amazing pizza in this small restaurant in Aci Castello.

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