Our services

Travel planning

You want to go on a trip but you don't know where and what to do? We can plan it for you.

We are spending a lot of our free time online looking for new places to visit. You need a plane tickets or best cruise deal? Ask us and we will find you cheapest version. You have money but you don't know where to go? You are sick and tired of travel agencies? Then you are at right place. Travel plans that we can offer you are full of activities, lot of walking and meeting new people and cultures. It's not about chilling in hotel pool or spa.

We will recommend you the best spots to eat and drink wine, a must places to see and streets to take a walk through.If you are more interested in culture and museums we will send you to best exhibitions. And for the adrenaline and sport fans there are always new and exciting things to do.


You want us to visit your town, hotel, and hostel and to write a blog about that?

Usually we write about everything we see, visit or try. We can offer to write a blog story about your business and to promote it on our webpage and Instagram. Every story we write is followed by creative and high quality photos of your product. Also, ifyou are renting rooms(private or in hotel),we can visit and suggest it to our readers. For the restaurants and coffee shops that target travelers and offer interesting, traditional and different products, we can taste it and help you with promotion.Our blog will be dedicated to you and the product, we are averring of the challenges that young producers and small business face with, and will be happy to help you get the promotion you deserve.

You know interesting location, neglected places and think that your hometown has been on margins of tourist maps, please contact us we will be more than happy to visit and meet you.

Testing your product

Your products are designed for tourist and travelers, but you need targeted promotion?

To improve our travels, usually long road trips and transfers, we are always looking for products that will improve our travels. Comfortable clothes, bags and technology that are designed for people like us. We believe that travels are about the people and time spent outside. We love to get lost in the places and explore them to the bits.  Long walks and unpredictable weather are the issues travelers face with, if your products are designed to make travels easier and more comfortable, contact us for testing and honest review.