Adriatic coast in seven days

This summer vacation we spent driving along the Croatian seaside, visiting Zadar, Biograd, Šibenik, Skradin, Trogir and Split and swimming whenever we felt like it. Before Croatia we wanted to see Blidinje Nature Park and Buško lake. But when we came to Blidinje we were welcomed by heavy rain, fog and wind. We couldn’t see one meter in front of the car, so we missed turn for Buško lake and found ourselves on the road to Posušje.

We drove on probably one of the best highways in Europe, along the Adriatic shore, strait to Zadar. Zadar is gorgeous and vibrant city that can offer you a lot. Old town is archaic, with narrow streets that make shade from the sun. Zadar has great culinary scene and it was hard to pick a restaurant. We ate in restaurant “Tramonto” prices were affordable, staff was helpful and food tasty. After the dinner, we took a walk to the Sea organ and Monument to the Sun, and these are something that you need to see especially at night. Organs are an architectural sound art object that produces sun whenever the waves hit them. Truly unique and mesmerizing.

Next stop were Šibenik and National Park Krka, but this time we drove down the old road that goes closer to the shore. Since the trip was long we took a break in Biograd na moru, swimming and sunbathing. After the break we drove to Šibenik. We didn’t spent much time here, only visiting the old town. Šibenik has one of the most beautiful and preserved old towns, the main attraction is Saint Jacobs cathedral made in Gothic – renaissance style.

Skradin, town located just on the outskirt of the Krka National Park. Skradin needs to be on your list, this scenic town, still not overcrowded with tourist, offers a weird sense of relaxation. Small fortress on a hill above and marina with live music restaurants are something you can’t miss. Here we experienced something truly unique, we swum in water that is neither sweet nor salty. This is a place where water from river Krka and Adriatic Sea mix and create weird, but good water to swim in.

We took the first boat ride in the morning to the Park. The ride doesn’t take long, and it is worth every penny. The park is captivating, with well marked educational tracks that lead you through the wonderful nature and viewpoints. Don’t forget to take a swim under the waterfalls, we recommend the early morning ride to the park because it is less crowded.

On our way to Split, where we were to spend two more nights, we took another detour and visited Trogir. The city that gave us thrills. This place is everything you would expect from old town on Adriatic sea, surrounded by walls, stone houses that are separated with narrow cobbled streets. White stoned churches on small plazas, and every window filled with flowers.

Split was the last pin on this year holiday map. We were situated in calm neighborhood in room we found on Aribnb, and our host was welcoming and informative. Place was just short walk from the beach Jezinac. Split, unlike other cities we visited, was crowded with tourists and prices were higher than elsewhere. But this town is worth to visit, and of course buy your drink of choice and come to Matejuška to drink it like the locals.

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