Advent in Zagreb and one-day for Ljubljana

That year Zagreb hosted one of the best Advents in Europe, and deserved the Europe’s Best Christmas market in 2016. Once again we stayed in this beautiful apartment we found on Airbnb, it was 30 minutes’ walk from Ban Jelačić Square.

First thing we did that morning was visiting Technological museum-Nikola Tesla where we stayed far too long. Museum itself is not that big, but it has so many different exhibitions to keep geeks like us occupied. But what impressed us the most was The Planetarium. We entered small round room with dome ceiling and panorama picture of Zagreb on the wall. The show starts with the light changing from sunset to complete darkness, designed like that so that eyes could adapt to the dark easier. Eventually starry sky was appearing and it was spectacular. The tickets for the exhibitions (20 HRK or 2,70 EUR) and Planetarium (15 HRK or 2,00 EUR) are sold separately.

After the museum we headed to the city center to enjoy all the decorations. Almost every park and every square had small market with mulled wine, fritule (small sweet donuts) and handmade gifts. We saw several ice skating ranks and if that is your thing don’t miss it. Ban Jelačić Square is something you must see when visiting Zagreb, it is a city center and place of main advent events. Just above the square is Kaptol, where you can find Cathedral of Zagreb, the most beautiful cathedral in the city. Walking the cobbled road through old part of the city, that is well preserved, sends you back in time. Near the main square you can find Museum of Illusion, which offers fun exhibitions and rooms that mess with your mind. To enter the museum we had to wait in line for approximately 30 minutes, but that is fine since it was the day of the New Year’s Eve, and ticket per person was 40 HRK (5,49 EUR).  Zagreb can offer you so much, and two days are just not enough.

We celebrated New Years alone in our apartment, because we had to get some sleep before catching the early morning train to Ljubljana. Return train ticket for two persons costs 227,81 HRK (approx. 30,00 EUR). Morning was cold and when we arrived city was still sleeping. There is something beautiful in almost empty city. Ljubljana was beautiful, refreshing and colorful. We decided to climb the hill to the Ljubljanski Grad and enjoyed looking over the city waking up.

Ljubljana is the city that cultivates the old but it is not afraid of the modern. Street art is all over and you can feel the youth spirit freely living in this town. The proof is Metelkova, autonomous social center. Abandoned military barracks that are now an artistic and progressive place. After the hot chocolate we drank in one of the many cafes looking over Ljubljanica river, we continued our walk. In every town we visit we look for the parks and botanical gardens, here in Ljubljana we fell in love with Tivoli park. But we also loved the locals and their lifestyle, around 8 o’clock locals were running, cycling and walking their dogs. Park itself was magical, frozen lake, fresh air and benches made for war hugs and long kisses.

Day after we were in Zagreb and lucky enough to see the exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions. Once again two geeks had a blast trying the replicas and learning about the biggest inventor ever.


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