Do you wanna be WWOOFer?

WWOOF started in London in 1971 when a London secretary – Sue Coppard – looking for a way that made one feel part of  country life, hit on the idea of offering a local organic farmer some help in return for food and somewhere to sleep. Her first visit was a great success – and the idea spread. Soon people were organizing similar exchanges across the UK and further afield.

Now, WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange, thereby helping to build a sustainable, global community.

As a volunteer/WWOOFer you can live alongside your host helping with daily tasks and experiencing life as a farmer.

As a host farm you can open your home to receive visitors from your own country or abroad who want to connect with the land and support the organic movement.

How do you start wwoofing?

WWOOF is organised by country; so first you need to decide where in the world you want to go! Portugal, Madagaskar, Chile, India or somewhere else? Use search facility to find the right national WWOOF group for your preferred destination. Then – sign up as a volunteer – it’s very quick and easy. Afterwards you can start contacting hosts to arrange your visit. If you want to visit more than one country you will need to sign up as a volunteer in each country you plan to visit. There is no international membership. Also, you are responsible for ​obtaining your Visa and paying for ​your own transportation & personal expenses.

You can WWOOF in more than 120 countries world wide including Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of the most popular countries are:

The minimum age for volunteering in most countries is 18, so if you want to spend your next summer vacation as a WWOOFer it is time to start exploring.

Take a look to one of the farms in France

For more information you can visit

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