Hiking in Sarajevo: Trebević and Bobsled with the cable car

After 25 years the iconic Sarajevo cable car, the symbol of our town was opened again. From the old town in about 10 minutes you will find yourself to the Mount Trebević. Before the war at the end station, on 1160 m there was a restaurant “Vidikovac”. Plans have been made to reopen the restaurant but until that you will have to walk, and enjoy the nature of the dearest hiking spot for locals.

Mountain is also famous for the 1984 Winter Olympic Games where the bobsled was built. Now it is destroyed and can’t be used for the bob sled competition but various artist and extreme sports enthusiast have find a way to bring the sled back to life.


How to get to Trebević?


There are several ways to reach Trebević and trails: by foot, car, taxi or cable car. Walking is the most difficult one, it is not an interesting walk since you would have to go up the road, with cars and through neighborhoods.

So since the cable car was renovated we have been using that to get to the mountain and hike from there, the ride takes for 10 minutes. It is a easy hike, it will take you about 2h 30mins from the end station to the top of the Trebević.

Inside of the cabin

Tickets and prices for the cable car


There are different options and price ranges, but the main difference is that people with national ID pay less then tourist. We recommend taking the one-way ticket and returning by foot. 

The entry to the car is located on the address Hrvatin bb Best way to reach this street is by foot and through Franjevačka street, next to the Sarajevo Brewery. If you are with the car we recommend you  parking it on the paid parking lot at the Trg Austrije since the streets are narrow and it is impossible to find a spot.  From there it will take you about 5 minutes walk to get to the station.


one way: 7,50€ (15,00 BAM)

return: 10,00€ (20,00 BAM)

You pay additional 2,00€ (4,00 BAM) for the bike and/or a dog. Kids up to 7 years are not paying anything. 

Unfortunately discounts for students and seniors are still not a thing. But feel free to ask when you come to buy the ticket.

For more information visit the official  site.

The views from the cabins are just amazing

Where to next?


After you have reached the end station you will have to got to Prvi šumar or Hotel Pino Natura. We have made a map that shows a shortcut, so you don’t have to walk all around. 

Different plants and natural medicines

Now you go up hill, the trails are marked and we recommend you walking just on the marked ones. There are several routs to take and few mountain huts and restaurants to visit or take a break.

Our favorite route is the one that goes through the wood and goes to the Peak of Trebević.

At the 1627m, an easy hike

We love going to the antennas, it is free to access

When descending we go in the direction of Jure Franko mountain hut from where we continue next to the ruined Vaso Miskin Crni hut and return back to the same road.

Nature all around

How to get to the Bob sled?


You have now reached the Prvi šumar again, you will take the left road in the direction of Bob sled. There is a pedestrian road that will lead you to the sled, we recommend you climb the sled and walk downhill.

This is the end of the sled, jump of it on the left and go down hill

We have created this map with the rout that will take you down the Bob sled, to the nature again and through the old steep streets we call mahale.

Streets here are steep, so be careful and watch your knees

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