Road trip #4: Čvrsnica

Whenever you see articles with title “Road trip” you can expect stories from our trips around our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We use every free moment to explore our country, visiting famous tourist destinations and those known only to the locals. We are always looking for interesting places to visit and we would like to hear it from you, send us information about your hometown or place you discovered!

We arrived in Jablanica early in the morning. Rain was falling and fog was getting thicker, but nothing could ruin our day. In Jablanica we were welcomed by Aldin, our friend and local guide. Aldin is also a member of Mountaineering club “Plasa”-Jablanica, the club that welcomed us in their cozy mountain hut. Club also has the car of all cars, Niva Lada, the tank among the cars, that has driven us several kilometers from Jablanica, to the place where the trail starts. The road was rocky, and it is not accessible by regular cars, but driving in Lada is experience you can not miss.

I’ll say that the climb wasn’t easy, we were rookies in hiking, the weather wasn’t on our side and the steep in first part of the trail was harder than we expected. Eventually we made out of forest and got the the more leveled parts of the trail. And then we approached the mountain hut, with the smoke coming out of chimney, and just like “Goldilocks” we found a warm home and meal to rest (expect there were not angry bears, just happy and welcoming hosts).

After the breakfast we packed our stuff and continued our hike. Weather was constantly changing, from cloudy to sunny, I guess Čvrsnica gets like that in November. Highest point of this mountain is 2,228 m elevation. I am trying to be humble, but I think nothing will ever surpass the moment we saw Hajdučka vrata.

This natural phenomenon, got its name from haiduks (brigands, outlaws), and the legend goes that if you wanted to join Mijat Tomić’s gang you had to climb the rocky steep that leads to the Hajdučka vrata. Just across the doors you can find the natural mountain lake. The trail lad us to Veliki Vilinac it was getting dark so we gate up of conquering the top. We continued the hike to our final stop, Vitlenica. But to get there you have to go through rocky trail and pine forest.

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