Road trip #8: Camping in Tajan Nature Park

Whenever you see articles with title “Road trip” you can expect stories from our trips around our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We use every free moment to explore our country, visiting famous tourist destinations and those known only to the locals. We are always looking for interesting places to visit and we would like to hear it from you, send us information about your hometown or place you discovered!

Tajan Nature Park is located on triangle of municipalities Zavidovići, Kakanj and Vareš. We approached to Tajan from direction of Zavidovići and that is also best road if you are going with a car. From Zavidovići to Info point you have 16 kilometers of normal road. From there we decide to go in direction to Mašice lake another 10 kilometers by foot (you can go with car, but road is not so good). Mašice lake was our camping spot, and you can find it on these coordinates: 44°19’05.4″N 18°06’32.9″E (44.318172, 18.109132).

But let’s go back to Tajan Nature Park. The highest altitude of the Tajan is 1297 meters. Tajan as such offers so many things from mount biking to hiking and exploration of the caves. At the info point you can rent a bike or ask for guide to visit one of caves. If you want to visit caves you need to book it in advance. This time we didn’t decide to visit caves but ranger told us a really nice story about Lukina’s cave. In that specific cave archaeologist find a bones of cave bear that went extinct more than a 15.000 years ago.

So, fully equiped with tent, two 5l bidons of water, food, clothes, fishing rod, and many more staff we started our journey. Ranger also told us that there is possibility that we meet some foxes, rabbits, deers and even bears. Luckily we just met two dead snakes 🙂 After approximately 4 hours of walking/hiking we arrived at this place.

Mašica Lake is located 700 meters above sea level. All around is coniferous trees, and environment is so green, trees and lake. We place our tent under one šadrvan (wooden open house). Night was so bright so we had feeling like we are in some Scandinavian country. While we were camping there, two nights/three days, only a dozen people visited the lake, so we had privacy. More importantly we had a peaceful and relaxing time.  Samir didn’t have opportunity to use fishing equipment because fishing is prohibited.

We highly recommend Tajan Nature Park to those who like untouched nature. There are various options if camping under the sky isn’t your thing you can rent a cabin and explore the Park from there. Tajan is a really good choice for weekend escape to nature.


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