Road trip #9: Camping next to the Lake Buško

Whenever you see articles with title “Road trip” you can expect stories from our trips around our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We use every free moment to explore our country, visiting famous tourist destinations and those known only to the locals. We are always looking for interesting places to visit and we would like to hear it from you, send us information about your hometown or place you discovered!

Lake Buško is an accumulation lake near Livanjsko and Duvanjsko Fields, and same name cities Livno and Duvno/Tomislavgrad. Lake Buško is a man-made and 716 meters above sea level with an area of 55.8 km² and a total volume of 782 million m³. It is 175 kilometers away from Sarajevo. By car it is around 3 and half hours but there is few very interesting points that you may want to look for.

When we arrived to the lake we asked the locals about the camping sites and they’ve recommended us two great locations: peaceful place and  public lake’s beach (it was not the season so it was quiet). We decided to visit this peaceful place but when we arrived 3 fishermen have already placed their tents. Fortunately they told us about additional quiet place for camping. This was our view for 3 days.

This is popular camping site and we’ve met two families, but they were far enough so we didn’t hear or see them, and we all had our privacy. During our stay we cooked various dishes on campfire. We were mixing different vegetables and baked them in the aluminum foil for 10 to 15 minutes

Cool thing about lake is that you can do so many things, swimming, fishing, canoeing etc. Second day I tried to fish but I wasn’t successful 🙂 I must admit that this was a sort of relaxing retreat, where you disconnect from city life and embrace the nature to the fullest. In the meantime Azra was just chilling, reading the book and napping. And just to let you now license for fishing is 10 BAM (5€).

Of course we also had some swimming time. Water from the lake is sweet and had the perfect temperature during our stay (I would say around 19-20 Celsius).

We would suggest everyone to visit this beautiful location no matter if you are on euro-trip  visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina or you are a local and just want to have some time to recharge your batteries.

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