Street art in places we visited

When we travel we make time to visit streets or locations that are filled with street art. We enjoy this art form and love to take photos of it. In this short blog we will present you places that nurture street art.

Athens, Greece

Best thing to do in Athens is wander around; we would take different road to and from our apartment, with the wish to find new things. Walking around Athens in the year of anti-austerity protests and OXI referendum, you could see the youth’s spirit on the walls of abandoned buildings, closed shops and parks. In this time of crises street art scene was booming and political graffiti’s were on every corner.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Alternative scene in Ljubljana has always been strong, from the abandon barracks transformed in unique artistic center and posters in small narrow streets. Ljubljana was supportive to refugees in past years and street art is filled with those messages.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since the war Mostar has stayed in large part undeveloped, a lot of buildings have been destroyed and never repaired. Creative people have decided to bring back some color here. Every year Street Arts Festival Mostar brings artist from all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, region, Europe and they give this place a new hope and beautiful art.

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