What is Interrail?

The Interrail Pass is a railway ticket (Railroad Pass), available to European residents. It allows unlimited rail travel in and between all of 30 participating countries for a certain period of time. The main exception is that high-speed trains and night trains often require a paid seat reservation. You can choose from over 40,000 destinations in 30 countries, designing a European adventure that’s personal to you. You create your own story.

The InterRail pass is personal and non-transferable, which means that only you can use it and you may have to prove you’re you. Keep your passport handy.

InterRailers are not permitted to travel with their pass in their own country of residence, although discounted rail travel is available on presentation of the pass when purchasing a rail ticket.

Along with your ticket you’ll be given a special form, which you’re supposed to fill in with your journey details before you get on a train.

6 reasons you’ll love Interrailing

THE FREEDOM – travel pass gives you access to 40,000 destinations while working the same way in each and every country.
THE FLEXIBILITY – You choose the days you travel, letting you stay longer in the places you love.
THE VALUE – A rail pass might not seem cheap. But for extensive travel with flexibility to make spontaneous decisions, passes offer the best value.
THE CONNECTIONS – Not only do trains take you to the heart of cities, they’re a place you can meet locals and other travellers.
THE COMFORT – Trains give you the space and freedom to move around, play cards or simply enjoy the views.
THE SUPPORT – You will receive different tools which will help you to plan your trip.


Your Interrail Pass lets you travel on the national railways. There is:

An Interrail Global Pass is valid in all of the 30 participating countries. You can use your Interrail Global Pass to make 1 inbound and 1 outbound journey within your own country. Outside of your own country, you may take as many journeys as you wish.
An Interrail One Country Pass gives you access to the national railway of the country you select.

You can set out on your first train journey any time after midnight on the first day your pass is valid. You need to complete your last train journey by midnight on the final day your pass is valid.

Here is a part of offer and for full offer and prices visit official Interrail web page. 

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