Budapest in 2 days

We arrived in Budapest early in the morning, and didn’t even check in our hotel, we just went out to see the city waking up. First on our list was Heroes square and famous Millennium monument. This is the most famous monument, and was built in 1896 to mark the thousandth anniversary of the city. Tomb is dedicated “To the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of our people and our national independence.” But surely there is a good reason why this spot is most photographed monument in Budapest.

The monument is located near the equally impressive City Park and includes several amazing buildings, zoo and thermal baths. Most of our time was spent strolling around the park and resting from the trip.

If you are not the person that likes walking in parks don’t worry take a walk in the opposite direction of the park and you’ll find yourself in the streets with several embassies and other historical buildings.  

In the evening we decided to take a boat ride in Danube River, but to get there from our hotel we had to take the famous Budapest railway. What is famous about it? Well this is the  the oldest underground railway system in Europe, well the Line 1 at least. It was built in 1896, and in 2002 it become a World Heritage Site. Take the Line 1 ride and go back in time, through old railway stations preserved to perfection.

On the Danube river bank you can see a lot of boats offering the courses in different price ranges differing from cruises with full dinner, drinks or just the ride. Find the arrangement that suits you best and enjoy the city lights and beautiful Hungarian Parliament building. Unfortunately this time in Budapest we didn’t visit the building but reason more to return to this fairytale city.

New day, sunny weather and rented bicycles to ride around the town is the recipe for the best sightseeing. Budapest is a heaven for cyclists, riding the bike across the Chain Bridge, down the river bank, and climbing the cobbled hill to the Buda’s old town. Old town dates from the Romans, and everything on this Castle Hill is made with taste and it is not hard to spend the day exploring it. The Fisherman’s bastion with its 7 lookout towers is offering incredible panoramic views of the city. Located on the Trinity square next to the  Matthias Church. If you are not the bike person, there is a funicular that will take to the top of this truly amazing hill.

This castle hill offers so many things to do and see, but we had a blast practicing archery skills.

(this is the kind of picture you get when you are a left-handed)

And best thing to do in Budapest is to walk, without the goal. Get lost and eat street food.

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