Eat, drink and walk the Prague

The idea to visit Prague came from our friends Emir and Vildana, who wanted to go by car. Their family just bought the new Suzuki Vitara so we had a real test for it. We left Sarajevo around 18 o’clock and ride through Bosnia was surprisingly easy and without issues. We had more problems on the Hungarian and Czech highway. The distance from Sarajevo to Prague is 1060 kms and it took us around 16 hours including breaks and stops for the vignettes.

Our first big break was in Brno, where we decided to have breakfast, unfortunately only thing open this early was Subway, but we did get a coffee in a local bar. We didn’t stay long, and headed to Prague again.

After freshening up and a nap we were ready to hit the city and drink some beer. It was late but the city lights were shining beautifully, and the renovated National museum stole the spotlight.

After the breakfast we wanted to drink beer with the view in T-Anker. We tried few beers and some chips, while getting the vitamin D.

It was time to burn the calories and walk around the Jewish quarters, that are located in the preserved area of the former Jewish Town in the historic center of Prague, which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Amazing, grand and colorful buildings are best to see while walking. Unfortunately we were tight on budget and couldn’t afford to visit museums, but if you have more cash to spend we would recommend visiting the Jewish museum (that was on our list too).  The ticket to museum gets you an entrance to the synagogues, Ceremonial Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery, and it is open every day (except Saturdays and on Jewish holidays) from 9 – 18 o’clock.

Finally the walk down Vltava river that offers stunning views of Charles bridge, Prague Castle Area and Lesser town. Wind didn’t let us stay for long so we found refuge in a pub and drink some Kozel. This time we choose Pivnice u Kata to rest and figure out where to eat.

Vildana and Emir wanted to try a rabbit so we were looking for place that offers it. After some research we decided on restaurant U Parlamentu. We had to wait in line to get a seat, Emir and Samir bought us some drinks in liquor shop, fortunately people in front of us didn’t want to sit outside and we got our seats pretty quickly. Service was fast, food was delicious, but the portions were small for the price.

Today we went across the Vltava to the Old Town. The Prague Castle area can be explored in two ways going down or up hill. We decide on the later one, but if you prefer the first option take the tram number 22 get off the tram at Pohořelec, cross the street and walk to Strahov Monastery and the Prague Castle.

Again our budget was tight and we didn’t know that you have to pay the entrance to the Golden lane that was about 10€ but it was 4 of us and the crowd was huge so it was not worth it. For more information about ticket prices in Prague castle follow this link. We are the example that you can enjoy the area for free so you can try it too.

No wonder that this castle is the most important monument in Czech Republic and it is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. But much more interesting is that the Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world and because of that it found its way in the Guinness Book of World Records.

When you enter the complex you will be greeted with the jaw dropping St. Vitus Cathedral. It is the largest and the most important temple in Prague that is a part of religious services but it was also a place of coronations.

We went up to the Petrin hill and down from it to the Lennon’s wall. Even though we didn’t search for it we did stumbled up on it and it is a nice place to take some colorful photos. From there we were on the Charles bridge, so crowded, people walking around without looking, really hard to enjoy the architecture, and for that reason you should get up early and walk the bridge in sunrise.

After the long day you have to visit the Railway Restaurant. Our friend Milica (thank you Milica) is now a local here and she took us here. But you have to take a reservation and it is about 1€ per person to enter. This was the cherry on to of our day the experience was amazing, just imagine trains bringing your beer.

For sure find a royal garden as the area has so many. We decided to visit the Waldstein Palace, to bad it was raining but the peacocks were there and it was not crowded.

If you have any questions about our time in Prague, locations we visited or anything else feel free to contact us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

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