Road trip #5: From Pyramids to rainforest

Whenever you see articles with title “Road trip” you can expect stories from our trips around our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We use every free moment to explore our country, visiting famous tourist destinations and those known only to the locals. We are always looking for interesting places to visit and we would like to hear it from you, send us information about your hometown or place you discovered!

Eastern Bosnia is heavily forested along the river Drina that flows through the cities of Foča, Goražde Višegrad and Zvornik. Our route was from Sarajevo to Highlander camp near Foča. Route is approximately 100 km long, but because of bad roads we needed more than two hours to arrive. On our way we decide to visit one hidden place on that way. Pyramids. Yes, sand pyramids like those in Colorado.

The pyramids consist of clay, sand and gravel. They are shaped by the rain, snow and wind. They are placed in village cold Dančići about 20 km from Foča. Road is in really poor condition so we don’t recommend to go there during winter (if you don’t have some good 4×4 SUV). Some sources claims that pyramids are over 200 years old, but maybe they are even older. Of Course entrance is free 🙂

After pyramids we continue our trip to highlander camp where we rented a small bungalow. In the morning we took rafting equipment and get into the vans. We cross Montenegrin border and drove for 45 minutes next to Tara river. With full equipment life jacket, boots, helmet and paddle we started our rafting adventure. We had great team on the boat (nine of us) and lot of beer (that is traditional part of rafting in B&H). The journey lasted for more than three hours with lot of funny moments, places where you can swim, jump or just relax. Before the end of the route we arrived at the place where rivers Tara and Piva creates river Drina. Advice: do not try to swim at Piva river because it is the coldest river we ever touched.

After rafting we went back to our camp, and we will share just few information about camp. It is nice, peaceful and in true nature. Just under the camp is Drina and you can hear river’s flow. We had a place to light a fire and make a barbecue. The sky above camp is beautiful and when nights are clear you can see so many stars. Last day of our journey was reserved for National park Sutjeska and Peručica rain forest. First we visited Perućica which is one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. We visited few stops with van and didn’t go into the forest because it can only be explored in the company of rangers, but next time we will not miss the chance to enter forest 🙂 From one of the sightseeing stops you can watch breathtaking Skakavac waterfall, that placed itself deep in the forest.

Later on we continued our trip to Maglić mountain. We took four hours walking tour to Trnovačko lake which is located in Montenegro again, but this time we didn’t past border because it is high in the mountains. Trnovačko lake is located at an altitude of 1517 metres and it is known for its heart-like shape. It is 700 metres long and 400 metres wide. Also, if you enjoy camping, it is 1€ per tent.

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