Sunny side of Austrian Alps

This story is a bit different from the rest because we didn’t plan this trip. We were actually participating in a giveaway and we came in second, that meant that we won a 7 day, half-board accommodation in Austrian Alps. Travel costs, lunch, insurance and local taxes were not included,  even though it wasn’t a fully covered vacation we decided to go.

At first we couldn’t even pronounce the name of the town or located it on the map, even though we think we know geography. With the help of the Google maps we located Nassfeld-Pressegger See and started reading about it.

Nassfeld is a resort located on border between Austria and Italy. We were staying in Almhotel Kärnten and if you ever plan to visit this place, we would definitely suggest it. It is next to the ski slopes and food in hotel is delicious. Also hotel has huge free parking and sauna.

For us it was real surprise to see so many car plates from Balkans, mostly from Croatia, but also from from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We must say that from our perspective skiing in this resort is really expensive, with daily ski passed for adult starting at 48€ and renting of  the equipment is additional 30€. Therefore we decided to explore the mountain, we were hiking, walking and enjoying the sun, no wonder this area is known as Sunny Alps.

Nature here is mesmerizing, and I believe it is even more beautiful during the summer. Our goal was to visit Italy by foot so we walked there. This area has beautiful walking paths and a frozen lake just between the two countries. We do have one complaint about the mountain accessibility since it is completely subordinate to skiers, and there are no hiking trails that can lead you to the top of mountain.

One day we decide to visit neighboring cities Hermagor-Pressegger See and Tropolach. Tropolach is a starting station of Millennial cable car, which goes to top of mountain. In Tropolach we visited a fair of domestic products where we met local producers and bought souvenirs from everyone: tea, schnapps, cheese and sauce.

Hermagor is also small city, bit bigger than Tropolach. We had a nice walk through the city and found nice path along the river Gossering.

Finally we visited Pressegger See, this huge frozen lake! Lake is a center of activities; during summer you can swim and do wind surfing, or any other water sport, but on the winter everyone here is ice-skating.  I had to pursue Azra for several minutes before she agreed to skate. It is bit scary to skate knowing that cold water is underneath you and she was scared of the ice braking and her falling in. When she saw parents skiing with children, older generations, dogs and small hockey team practicing she found courage and put on the skates. At the end it was one of the most memorable things of this trip and something we will remember forever.

In Tropolach we also tried biathlon on one small track. Most interesting thing about this was shooting from rifle, cause we had so many problems with skiing in those silly skies.

Off course we didn’t leave Alps without skiing. It was an amazing experience, we figured out that way too many people skis in this resort, and if you have money go there and enjoy. If your wallet isn’t full then choose a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina where you can ski for much less money. Few weeks after this trip we went to Vlašić and had an amazing experience.

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