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You are coming to Sarajevo? Then our ultimate locals guide through Sarajevo is something to follow. Sarajevo is our hometown, we work, study and live here, and want to give you honest reviews and recommendations. Our goal is to make you feel welcome, learn, see the best places and eat the best food there is.


Sarajevo has always been an interesting place to visit, it was known as Small Yugoslavia, since all the peoples of Yugoslavia have been living here in peace. Even before the socialist era Sarajevo was welcoming to every religion and culture, it is also called European Jerusalem since in 100 meters radius you can see a mosque, orthodox church, catholic cathedral and synagogue. 

The Jewish Museum courtyard

But after the war all that charm was destroyed and it took us about 20 years to get back on our feet. Now 26 years later everyone is putting Sarajevo on bucket lists, people are coming from all around the world, but shout out to our neighbors from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia who are visiting the most. 

So let’s get started, when you find yourself in Sarajevo there are not a lot of things to be aware of and prepared for. You probably already know about pick pocketing (just like in every touristy place), you probably know what to see, what to eat and where to sleep, but there are 6 more thing you should consider when coming. 


1. Welcome to the right side


First and most important thing is: We locals walk on the right side of the street! It might sound weird to think that we have some kind of social contract for that matter, but we do. Believe it or not walking on the right side does not create a mess and we all move much easier and quicker. 



2. Don’t buy bottled water please


Our tap water is great, cold and drinkable just like water from the public fountains. There is water in every mosque and in every cafe bar they will fill your bottle feel free to ask. Save money and our planet, You can find containers for the recycling but you know that is not a solution.


3. It is cheap, so you don’t have to be


Compared to other places in Europe we are cheap, so please do not complain if something is expensive. Where else you can drink large draft beer for 1,5€, eat a big portion of ćevapi for 2,5 € and drink coffee with cake for 2,5€. Of course there are places that are expensive, but there are no places in the center that are created just as “tourist trap”.

Tasty polenta from Restaurant “Kod Bibana”


4. How to eat ćevapi?


Since mentioning ćevapi PLEASE DO NOT EAT THEM AS A SANDWICH!  We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw three different groups eating them like that. We eat our ćevapi with fork, half of ćevap and piece of somun (flat bread), a bit of kajmak (sour cream) and onions. Enjoy every bite!


5. Buy a tram ticket


Please buy tram tickets (in the tobacco shops is cheaper 0,80€ for 1 ride, if you are going two ways buy ticket for two rides for 1,50€), if there is no tobacco shop buy it at the drivers, also validate your ticket in the tram if machine is not working report it to driver. Why are we telling you this? Because the ticket controllers are no joke, most of them are rude and don’t speak English, they will try to write you a fine even when you have a valid ticket. Just buy and validate the ticket and enjoy you tram ride around Sarajevo.  


6. Talking about the war and mine fields


We know you want to know more about the siege and the war, most of the locals will answer all your questions. If your question is “Have your parents or family members been in the war?” the answer is yes 90% of the time. Our recommendation is to book a war tour (there are several ones) and get the facts and data you need or visit a History museum we have written about before.

Top 6 museums to visit when in Sarajevo

We still have problems with the mine fields, since the terrain is inaccessible, so our advice is not to go in the nature hiking by yourself and going off the road before you do a research. 

Enjoy your stay and follow us for more tips about Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world!

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